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Reflection- my journey to journaling

When I started journaling years ago, it was a dream that I would do it every day.  I remember fantasying that I would have this beautiful journal and wonderful pen and everyone would want to read what I wrote.  Oh well, it was a dream :)


What I did begin to do was learn how to write out my thoughts. I started by writing my thoughts about an event or thoughts from the previous day, down on paper.  Once I started writing about the events, my thoughts, feelings and emotions began to be expressed on the page. 


After a couple months of writing periodically, I made a goal to do it three times a week. I scheduled a time to journal for 10 minutes, in the morning while I was drinking my coffee. As I started the habit, I began to see my journal pages start filling up. 


Here are some tips that have helped me start journaling every day and I believe, if you apply them, will help you see a difference in your daily routine.


First, I blocked off time in my morning routine.  I call this "Me" time.  I start by sitting in my favorite chair, getting my coffee and relaxing.  I do it before I take a shower or start my morning. You could light a candle, play music or just sit and enjoy the morning.


Second, I  start my journaling time by writing three things I am grateful for- this helps get my brain going. I usually write a positive blessing I have experienced the day before.


Third, I ask a question.  Once I have written out my three gratitude's, I sit down to write.  In my last blog entry I gave 10 questions you could ask yourself as a prompt to start writing.  Here are some good questions to get you started. Why am I feeling this way? What good things happened yesterday?


Here are some important steps to make journaling successful

  1. Don’t show your journal to anyone.  That way you won't be guarded in what you say or the way you say it.  Also, you don't have to worry about spelling errors or grammatical errors.

  2. Be consistent- promise yourself that you will sit down specific days and make it a priority.  When I began, I started getting up 15 minutes earlier in the morning so I could have time with my journal.

  3. Use pencil/pen and paper- it is not mandatory, but take the time to connect with the other side of your brain, the creative side and allow your thoughts to go.


I know that you will add so much more to your journaling time than I have.  If I can nudge you to start a habit that will change your life, please take my suggestions!!


You got this!  For some of you, you have been journaling for years.  Put a comment in the box below on what has worked to make your journaling a lifelong habit, or just a temporary habit?

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